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Barren fig tree (Repent or Perish)  Luke 13:6-9
Children -Children,  Luke 7:31-35
Dishonest Manager  Luke 16:1-13
Divided Kingdom –Divided Kingdom,  Luke 11:14-23
Evil Spirit -Evil Spirit,  Luke 11:24-26
Faithful and Unfaithful Servants  Luke 12:35-48
 Feast Invitations  Luke 14:12-14
 Friend at Midnight  Luke 11:5-13
Good Samaritan -Good Samaritan,  Luke 10:25-37
Great Banquet -Great Banquet,  Luke 14:15-24
Great Physician – Great Physician,  Luke 5:29-32
How to be a Guest  Luke 14:7-11
Yeshua and Fasting -Yeshua and Fasting,  Luke 5:33-35
King’s War  Luke 14:31-33
Lamp on a Stand -Lamp on a Stand,  Luke 8:16-18
Leaven -Leaven,  Luke 13:20-21
Lesson from a Fig Tree -Lesson from a Fig Tree,  Luke 21:29-33
Lost sheep -Lost sheep,  Luke 15:4-7
Mustard Seed and Yeast -Mustard Seed and Yeast,  Luke 13:18-19
New Cloth -New Cloth,  Luke 5:36
New Wine – New Wine,  Luke 5:37-39
One Coin  Luke 15:8-10
Renters of a Vineyard -Renters of a Vineyard,  Luke 20:9-18
Wedding Banquet -Wedding Banquet,  Luke 14:16-24
 Persistent Widow  Luke 18:1-8
 Pharisee and Tax Collector  Luke 18:9-14
 Rich fool  Luke 12:16-21
 Rich man and Lazarus  Luke 16:19-31
 Salt and Light – Salt and Light,  Luke 14:34-35
 Servant’s Duty  Luke 17:7-10
 Sign from God – Sign from God,  Luke 11:29-32
Two Debtors  Luke 7:41-43
 The Lost Son –  Luke 15:11-32
 Ten Servants -Ten Servants,  Luke 19:11-27
 Ten Talents – Ten Talents,  Luke 19:12-27
 Unprepared Builder Luke 14:28-30
 Wise and Foolish Builders – Wise and Foolish Builders, Luke 6:47-49
 Wise Steward Luke 12:42-48


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