Parables in Mark


What is a Parable?  About Mark
Alert Servants Mark 13:33-37
Divided Kingdom –Divided Kingdom,  Mark 3:22-27
Good Samaritan -Good Samaritan,  Mark 12:28-31
Great Physician – Great Physician,  Mark 2:15-17
Growing Seed  Mark 4:26-29
Yeshua and Fasting -Yeshua and Fasting,  Mark 2:18-20
Lamp on a Stand -Lamp on a Stand,  Mark 4:21-23
Lesson from a Fig Tree -Lesson from a Fig Tree,  Mark 13:28-32;
Mustard Seed and Yeast -Mustard Seed and Yeast,  Mark 4:30-32;
New Cloth -New Cloth,  Mark 2:21
New Wine – New Wine,  Mark 2:22
Renters of a Vineyard -Renters of a Vineyard,  Mark 12:1-12
 Salt and Light – Salt and Light,  Mark 9:50
 Sign from God – Sign from God,  Mark 8:12
The Farmer -The Farmer,  Mark 4:3-20


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