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You may well be asking the question, who is this Yeshua? “I do not recognise his name”. That becauseYeshua is the true name of the person known as Jesus.

An astonishing realization has recently gripped the Christian world: “Jesus Christ” was not a blond-haired, blue-eyed Gentile. Yeshua of Nazareth was raised in an observant Jewish family in a culture where the Torah (five books of Moses) was the National Constitution. “Do you really believe that his Hebrew Mother referred to her son in the Greek”.

The name Jesus which was mis-translated from the Greek. This is because his real name was actually `Yeshua`Which is the original Aramaic name of the son of Josef and Miriam from Nazaret. The mistake came about when the new testament was translated into greek and has stuck ever since.

th Hebrew name for Jesus is Yeshua, a name found 27 times in the Hebrew Bible, so we know exactly what his name was. (The name is accented on the second syllable: ye-SHU-a). Yeshuais short for Yehoshua (= Joshua), which means Yahweh is salvation. The first trace of the name is found in connection with Joshua, the son of Nun, Moses’ assistant. Originally his name was Hoshea (Num. 13:8). The name Hoshea is derived from the hiphil stem of the Hebrew verb “yasha” [yod, shin, ayin] (BDB, 446; Gesenius, 435), which means “he saves, delivers.” So the name Hoshea means “salvation” or “he saves, delivers.” Moses changed his name to Hebrew “Yehoshua” [English: Joshua]:

 The basic root name of Jesus comes from the Hebrew name HO-SH-U-A (Joshua) meaning “Salvation.” But “salvation” was only half the essence of his name. The full essence of the name Jesus comes from the story of Twelve Scouts when Moses gave Hoshea his new name “Yeho-shua,”meaning “Yahweh-is-Salvation”

“The Lord said to Moses, send men to scout the land of Caanan, which I am giving to the Israelites. Send one man from each tribe, all of them princes. So Moses sent them from the desert of Paran as the Lord had ordered. All were leaders among the Israelites. By name they were … Shammua, Shaphat, Caleb, Igal, Gaddiel, Gaddi, Hoshea, Palti, Ammiel, Sethur, Nahbi, and Geuel (this quote leaves out the father & tribe names). These are the names of the men who Moses sent out to scout the land. But Ho-shea, son of Nun, Moses called Yeho-shua” (Numbers 13:1-16).

 As you can see, Hebrew names always had a meaning and a history in the Old Testament. The early Christians pointed to Mose’s authority to “make up names” when titles and names were given to Jesus or when Jesus “made up names” for his twelve disciples (Mk 3:13-19). The genius of the Greek names of Christianity was in their hidden meaning … all the major names and titles of Jesus and his disciples were related in some way or another to the isopsephia value of Jesus.

 By the 5th Century BC the name YEHOSHUA was shortened to YESHUA (see Neh. 8:17). By the 1st century AD, probably due to Greek influence, the name YESHUA was shortened twice more … first to Y’SHUA, and then again to Y’SHU. The Y’shu form seems be a deliberate attempt by orthodox Jews of that time to express their displeasure to the name of Jesus, the recently arrived Greek Christian God who was trying to seduce Jews away from their religion.

So many bad deeds & wrong doings have been done in the name of Jesus. All sorts of wars & atrocities have been committed in his name. Therefore  R.S.M has decided That the only correct position to take, would be to revert back to using the original true name of the saviour Yeshuaor Yehoshua (Joshua).  Which means ”Yahweh is Salvation.”  The Messiah’s name never was “Jesus” We believe that the name “Jesus” is actually an invention of man. Andy Phillips

  1. Who is Yeshua?
  2. What difference does a name make?
  3. What did he teach?
  4. Is it easy to follow these teachings?
  5. Why did he have to die?
  6. What is Back to basics?
  7. Is the word of God Infallible?
  8. What should I read?
  9. Is it enough, just to Believe?
  10. What is Faith? 

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